Legal Process Management Software

Corporate legal teams and the General Counsels are responsible for managing basically four types of process:

  • Notices
  • Litigation
  • Contracts
  • IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)

All these four processes are a part of normal corporate culture.With the fast changing scenario, it is next to impossible to track these processes; manage documents; monitor progress; and control expenses. Proind Legal Process Management System helps in managing legal function centrally of the organization. It is web-based tool so easily can be extended to all stakeholders of the company. The user gets alerts on progress and upcoming deadlines, be it the date of contract renewal, hearing dates, the date for the reply of notices, expiry of any IPR etc. We at Proind are the only solution providers, who have mapped all the four processes in a single tool which is modular in nature.

  • Web Based – User Friendly and easy to use application
  • Alerts- Capability of generating Mail & SMS Alerts for user / approver
  • Documentary Management – Options of uploading scanned documentary proof
  • Reporting- Dashboards and Reports understanding the conformity at the glance
  • Available on SaaS as well as ownership model
1)Is cost effective and enhances productivity
  • Small team can have full control – cross organization / location / jurisdictions
  • Reduction in follow-up and review costs
  • Senior Management has full visibility
2)Facilitates change management
  • Attorney / Internal Council change managed effectively
  • Role assignment and reassignment on click of the button
3)Provides real time visibility
  • Single calendar integrate cases, IPR, notice & contract dates
  • Alerts help in preparing for future event efficiently
4)Comprehensive repository of legal documents
  • Different cases / contracts / IPRs available on single platform
  • Document management
5)Cost & Overhead
  • Track Cost of litigation
  • Expected benefits vis-à-vis cost incurred
6)Central repository
  • Case information & documents on single platform
  • Information relating to court, attorneys and law firms available
  • Expected & actual outcome from next & previous hearing respectively
7)Controlled Legal Exposure
  • Not all documents are accessible to everyone
  • Automating the system saves lot of man-hours for follow up
8)Compatible with Microsoft Office
  • Directly interacts with Outlook, Excel etc
9)Increased Productivity and confidence
  • More time spent in doing value added work rather than follow-ups and reminders
  • Senior Management has full visibility