As you are aware about this recent development in the corporate world where one of India’s renowned business house and the owner are under the storm for many issues and Non Compliance being one of them.
As per SEBI, there were a total of 2,498 cases of non-compliance in the year-ended 31 March, according to BSE data.
In the changed scenario the corporates cannot afford to miss even a small compliance and that can be detrimental to their business.

How we can help:

1.There are many compliances which have a very high penalty even jail term in case of non-compliance, our team studies all these legalities and makes the Senior Management aware of the impending dangers
2.Institutionalize the Compliance Process: Our In House Legal Team will institutionalize the whole Compliance process and save you from the extra penalties thus saving a lot of money and resources.
3.State of Art IT Solution to manage all the compliances, resources etc.
4.Keep you and your organization updated on any change in the law which can impact your business.

Do not spend time and resources in jobs which can be done in a better way by the Subject matter Experts.